The Grainola Goddess

Proper tasty toasted grainola, made using the finest ingredients. Unique in terms of using a byproduct from brewing beer, also known as 'spent grain'. This ingredient has been scientifically proven to be rich in micronutrients, a prebiotic and high in fibre!!! 

About Us

Jill McKillop

The Grainola Goddess

Circuitously travelling the educational establishments of Europe and falling for the son of a missionary man in the process, Jill McKillop has had a life long interest in good wholesome food and is the Executive Chef at the award winning Walled City Brewery in Derry-Londonderry.

Sister to the famous James Huey, aka the Beaver Brew-meister, Jill has developed a range of Toasted Crunch Grainola from the nutritious spent grain left over after the brewing process.  Having selected the best of ingredients, the preparation and toasting is done in small batches to deliver maximum flavour and crunch.



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